12 Oct



Lisbon, August 2018

In a global, fast and competitive new world’, there no excuses to think and act globally.

UNITED CHANNELS Consulting was created to help IT Vendors to achieve success and to expand their business in International territories.

United Channels are uniquely positioned to provide commercial developing services in EMEA region markets, due to our decades of experience, knowledge and extensive contacts in these regions, in both, channels & customer space in the IT business area.

United Channels approach is the most cost-effective way of developing a market to International companies. 


Rather than go through the expense and delay of hiring in house resources with all the EMEA (Specific Country / Territory) based cost and legal implication overheads this entails; our customers can approach the project quickly with minimal time and risk to make an informed decision at the least cost.


By working with UNITED CHANNELS our clients accelerate their access into the selected markets & their business, without distracting or interfering with the existing team.


The UNITED CHANNELS team (resident in the territories we work), draw together a big collective and collaborative experience of IT strategy, channel building and high touch selling. Resulting from multiple conversations and experience with EMEA markets, but also territories.

Our mission is to help organizations with ambitious EMEA growth plans to execute the right channel partner strategy and new customer penetration, without the risk of expensive mistakes.

UNITED CHANNELS is unique, as we provide both extensive channel expertise, alongside true customer hunters, who can help close complex solution sales side by side with carefully selected partners.

UNITED CHANNELS people are all experienced and senior successful individuals who have worked consistently with channel partners and customers, in creating demand, educating on solution selling and driving partner activity. We absolutely understand that a partner program is not successful until a vendor sees pipeline growth and transacted revenue.

Sometimes the entry point will be different and perhaps not the obvious starting place. We never get blindsided when a different strategy is needed. UNITED CHANNELS have all the creativity and contacts to promote our client’s products and services and ensure success.


Our people are of course extremely well connected with the top EMEA partners and customers, and they also hold relationships with key end user decision makers like IT directors, CIO’s, CISO’s and C level execs.

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