Our Team

João Beato Esteves

Founder & CEO

João has played several C-Level roles in sales and channel development in important software security vendors across EMEA. After detecting an important 'gap' in most of the Vendors' strategy, he has decided to start United Channels to efficiently connect vendors, channels and new territories...

Catarina Esteves

Director of Marketing and Operations.

Catarina has over 5 years of experience in relationship management, partnerships and business development in the UK and a passion for Marketing. She is also our in-house copywriter and expert in international communications.

Syed Almas Azam

Associate Consultant - Middle East

Syed is experienced in design and implementation of digital transformation and IT security projects. Syed leads on business expansion for our vendors in the Middle East.


Senior Independent Consultant - Turkey

Tarik is a heavily experienced channel veteran for Turkey with over 30 years experience working with IT companies varying from multinational to start ups.

Fouad Benjoudar

Business Developer - France & Africa

Fouad is a skilled professional in Digital Business, covering Europe & North Africa countries in various positions from consultant to C Level Manager. He has a solid track record of helping companies & start-ups setting up profitable digital solutions and helping them expand their business.

Grisha Thawani

Business Development Manager - Middle East

Grisha is an articulate, results-oriented Business Development Consultant with exemplary passion for developing relationships, cultivating partnerships and growing businesses.

Ishan Shah

Business Development Manager - Middle East

Ishan has over 8 years of experience in B2B sales, new client acquisition and relationship management in various sectors including IT & Hospitality industries.

Justine Cross

Senior Consultant - EMEA

Justine is a seasoned EMEA channel veteran with over 25 years experience working with start ups. Justine has held Director roles at ShoreTel, Zultys and in recent times Watchful Software.

Carlos Gama

Senior Consultant - South America

Carlos Gama is a true International business entrepreneur (starting at the age of 20) and served for consultant for many well-known companies in Europe and in South America.

Assad Haddad

Senior Consultant - Benelux

Assad is an Electronics Engineer with an MBA degree from Boston University who had exposure to Multinational business development through Partner channels and customers in domains like Telecommunications Networking, Electronic payment, Cybersecurity, Telemedicine and M&A consultancy.

"Applying our knowledge and expertise about people, technology, channels and territories to help our customers expand their business their business and grow is dream come true and very rewarding"

João Beato Esteves, Founder