João Beato Esteves
Founder & CEO

João has played several C-Level roles in sales and channel development in important software security vendors across EMEA. After detecting an important 'gap' in most of the Vendors' strategy, he has decided to start United Channels to efficiently connect vendors, channels and new territories...

João has extensive field and sales experience (channels and customers), having worked for several big, established Technology Multinational companies such as Xerox, Compaq, TechData, IECISA, McAfee, Symantec and Watchful Software, covering territories like, Europe, North of Africa and Middle East.

João is passionate about channels, customers, technology, and he loves building connections between people and companies

Persistency, Positivity and Passion, together with a strong channel and customer networking, are behind Joao's successes and overachievements in the industry.