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Expanding Your Business - Here's to 3 More Years

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

October 2020

When I founded United Channels Consulting three years ago, in August 2017, I was certain about the value of the concept and strategy the company should follow, but unsure as to how the market would accept United Channel’s value proposition and how long it would take for the first clients to appear.

Unexpectedly, we’ve achieved ‘breakeven’ and recovered our initial investment in the first month of business, in September 2017. Also during our first month, we’ve brought over two important vendors, one of which is still a client today. Since then, we’ve maintained and converted a diversified portfolio of clients, who motivate us to work hard and give our best every single day.

We’ve also been successful in achieving results for the vendors we represent, as we continue to recruit and manage business partners that are relevant for the different markets and contexts, and open doors in key end-clients, generating the KPI’s and outcomes our vendors are expecting.

In these short three years of life, United Channels has recruited channels and clients in Portugal, Spain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Turkey. And we’ve been able to maintain a high client retention rate, due to our proactive, can-do attitude, which ensures the vendors we represent trust our expertise and skills and extend our business relationship for longer periods of time.

Financially, we’ve also been achieving some ‘other results’, of the type that make us pay taxes at the end of the year and are crucial to the survival and growth of any business. In 2018, we grew 300% (twelve months of trading versus four months the year before) and in 2019 15%.

Absolutely key to United Channels Consulting success, has been our team. Not only the current members, but all those who’ve collaborated with us during the course of these three years, without whom we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Three years on and despite all the challenges we’ve been facing in 2020, United Channels continues determined in our path, stronger than ever.

Our strength derives from the certainty and evidence that our action is increasingly needed by tech vendors, as we are a natural extension of their team (commercial and marketing) that accelerates the entry in new markets and territories.

United Channels is the corollary of many years of intense learning in some of the best tech multinational companies in the world, and specially the product of multiple experiences and know-how acquired in a very pragmatic way in the global market.

We’ve realised from the start that for some vendors, the classic eco-system Vendor – Distributor – Reseller, is not enough for a rapid, assertive and cost-effective business expansion. In this puzzle, there is often a missing piece, an entity that can accelerate the internationalisation, recruitment of new clients and partners and effective business development - this entity is precisely United Channels Consulting.

Today, it’s with great pride that we announce the launch of three new territories in EMEA, UK, Turkey and Spain, thanks to our brand-new team members Catarina, Tarik and Fernando, respectively, which will allow our clients new opportunities for growth and business expansion.

UK, Turkey and Spain join the list of territories where United Channels is present in, partners locally, influences and has the ability to generate results for tech vendors, which are ultimately our reason for existing.

Here’s to another three more years of consolidation and growth, we’re excited and ready to continue this fantastic journey.


United Channels Consulting helps small to medium tech and IT vendors expand their business globally and accelerate their internationalisation. We represent vendors, recruit clients and partners, and design and implement a complete, bespoke sales channels strategy that fits your needs.

Book here a FREE 30-min consultation call to learn more about how we can help you accelerate your business.

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