Our Top 5 Tips To Expand Your Business Internationally

Updated: Apr 20

November 2020

In an increasingly connected, technological and global world, the success of a company is no longer measured solely by the degree of innovation or product excellency, but rather by the speed at which the company is able to scale their business to different markets and territories.

Expanding to international markets is now possible (and much faster than it was in the past) and should be one of the priority objectives of leaders who want to grow their business.

Here are our top 5 tips to consider when expanding your business internationally:

1. If you have a global product/solution, don’t hesitate – go international!

  • If your solution can be marketed outside of your home country, don’t hesitate. Why should you limit yourself to geographical boundaries and your market at home, when you have the entire world at your disposable and the possibility of scaling and multiplying your business?

2. Research, study, evaluate and adapt your product/business to the local culture

  • Each market has its own unique characteristics, so it’s crucial that you research and adapt to these local features for success. Accounting for business etiquette, cultural differences, language, behaviours, legislation and local competitors are crucial to succeed in a new, foreign market.

  • Tailor your strategy, message and Go-to-Market to each, specific market.

  • It’s fundamental to put together an expansion plan, including your internationalisation strategy and set realistic goals.

3. Develop and use the biggest network of local resources possible

  • Use local resources and mentors that know the culture in the new territory and who will help you get to clients faster.

  • Recruiting the right partners is crucial to get the desired multiplier effect of your Go-to Market, they will add value to your solution and help you reach the relevant clients.

4. Marketing and communications is key

  • A strong marketing strategy that is specifically tailored to the new market is crucial.

  • A regular communication from your business, adapted to the local audiences is also critical.

5. Invest in business expansion

  • Prepare to have to invest in internationalisation, expanding without spending a cent is not at all possible.

  • If your budget is tight and you would like to test the waters first, United Channels Consulting offers you local consultants that will help you test your business model in the agreed territories, validate the product/solution globally and provide you with a full sales strategy, before you commit to a full and expensive expansion of your business.

Yesterday was already too late and now is always the right time. Get in touch with United Channels Consulting today, to know how we can help you accelerate and expand your business. Thanks to our experience, expertise and know-how of different territories and markets, we are uniquely placed to be able to help you reach your goals and succeed globally.

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