Channel Recruitment and Development

We offer a quick and cost-effective way to recruit and expand your channel network in a territory, crucial to a successful business expansion.

  • United Channels finds the right channels for your strategic needs.
  • We match the vendor’s technology to the right channel people.
  • You save time, money and resources without having to deal with wrong partners and distributors that are not relevant for your business. 
  • Our team has extensive experience in channels development and has access to a unique database & contacts, developed over 20+ years in the field. 
  • We help you to better evaluate and develop your channel, if it exists. If it doesn't, we build a tailored one for you, from scratch. 
  • We help you book calls, manage leads, run webEx sessions and face to face meetings with partners, re-sellers, distributors and end clients. 

Contact United Channels Consulting today, to know more about how we can help you recruit and develop your channels.