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Services: Expand Internationally

How can we support your business expansion

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Vendor Representation

We represent your business, acting as your international sales team in the territories of your choice, helping you avoid the costs and challenges of needing a new headcount and office infrastructures dedicated to a new market.


Here's what we can do as part of Vendor Representation

  • We act on your behalf in new markets, accelerating your expansion in a cost-effective, controlled way. 

  • We meet the key customers in the region and we manage them for you.

  • We build a channel network to support your business, if appropriate.

  • You save time and resources without having to deal with the wrong partners and wrong customers.

  • We train, develop, manage and motivate the channel to deliver results.

  • We help you make sure the right message gets across the market.

Channel Recruitment & Development

A sustainable and engaged channel network of partners is crucial for a successful business expansion.


Our team has extensive experience in channel development and access to an exclusive database of contacts, developed over 20+ years in the field. 


We can recruit a relevant channel network of partners for your business and manage them on your behalf to generate the multiplier effect on your sales, internationally:

  • United Channels finds the right channels for your strategic needs.

  • We match the vendor’s technology to the right channel people.

  • You save time, money, and resources without having to deal with the wrong partners and distributors that are not relevant to your business. 

  • We help you to better evaluate and develop your channel if it exists. If it doesn't, we build a tailored one for you, from scratch. 

  • We help you book calls, manage leads, run remote sessions, and face to face meetings with partners, resellers, and distributors. 

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Expansion Advisory icon

Expansion Advisory, Market Discovery & Validation

Expanding to a new market can be overwhelming, especially for small businesses and start-ups, so United Channels Consulting can help you prepare and guide you on the lead-up to your internationalisation.

Here's what you can expect as part of this service: 

  • Support and identification of unique selling points

  • Development and review of the elevator pitch and sales script

  • Development and review of collateral and supporting materials – slide deck, brochure, datasheet, etc.

  • Structuring of demo and test with real clients and partners

  • Development of full sales and channel strategy as appropriate with recommendations

  • Go-to-market test and product/solution validation, with real clients and partners to assess how the new territory is reacting (steps above to be reviewed and adjusted according to feedback gained during this phase).

City Sky

Expanding to a new market is a priority, but don't know where to start?

We can also help with


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