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Sealpath is United Channel's Consulting first ever partner. Together we've growing, expanding and strengthening our footprint in EMEA for the past 5 years


Sealpath is the leading user-friendly Information Rights Management (IRM) tool, allowing companies to protect their documents, and therefore private and confidential data, wherever they are - in their corporate network or in the cloud.

In a world where data is becoming more mobile and companies operate with a mix of on-site and cloud infrastructures, protecting your company’s information with the Sealpath IRM tool is easy, intuitive and effective.

Overview and partnership objectives

Sealpath is United Channels Consulting's first ever partner, having signed an agreement in August 2017, the same month United Channels was created. The partnership agreement aimed at expanding Sealpath’s business in Portugal, Middle East and Africa.

Fast forward 3 ½ years, United Channels Consulting continued to act on behalf of Sealpath on the identified markets, being an extension of their sales team locally and saving Sealpath the risk and costly investment of having a dedicated sales team on the field.


Here are some of the highlights of our successful 3+ years of partnership:

  • In December 2017, we closed Sealpath’s first ever business deal in Portugal.

  • Since then, we have closed dozens of other clients across EMEA

  • We have recruited over 3 distributors and over 25 resellers in the target regions

United Channels Consulting is looking forward to many more years of a successful partnership with Sealpath, working to develop their sales channels and expanding their business not only in Portugal, Middle East and Africa, but also Turkey, the latest market Sealpath has decided to invest in with United Channels’ expertise and support.

We partnered with United Channels in 2017 and we're proud to have been one their first vendors and still be working with them today. United Channels has helped improve our footprint internationally, especially in Portugal and in the Middle East (GCC countries), where we see our business grow steadily. We hope to continue this partnership for years to come, as we further expand our business and consider other target markets.
Luis Angel del Valle, CEO of Sealpath

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