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Mauricio Laranjeira

Senior Consultant - Brazil

Mauricio has more than twenty years of experience in national and multinational companies, such as the Japanese trading company Sumitomo Corporation, among others,  in the commercial, business development, and institutional relations areas.

He's also developed businesses in the most diverse segments, from simple import and export transactions, through product development in new markets, to merger, investment, and acquisition negotiations.


Mauricio has outstanding economic knowledge of Brazil and the world, which helps the decision-making process regarding the direction and strategy of the businesses he's responsible for.


Mauricio is focused, pragmatic, has good decision-making power, and has good knowledge of management tools, which help in the day-to-day business, together with high adaptability, which leads me to be able to act in the most diverse scenarios and economic cycles and also with other cultures.


He has already conducted negotiations with companies from China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, USA, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, England, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, among others.

Mauricio Laranjeira
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