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Expansion Advisory & Market Discovery and Validation

For small businesses and start-ups, expanding globally can be overwhelming, so we're here to support you all the way. From identifying your unique selling points in foreign markets, developing your elevator pitch and first validating your product in new territories.

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Channel Recruitment and Development

We offer a quick and cost-effective way to recruit and expand your channel network in a territory, crucial to a successful business expansion.

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Vendor Representation

We act on behalf of your business and your company in your selected territories, helping you avoid the costs and challenges of having a full human resource and infrastructure dedicated to a new market.

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Business Expansion Consulting Suite

Our full suite, combining expansion advisory, channel recruitment and vendor representation in one, integrated and cost-effective consultancy service, to help your business grow and expand internationally smoothly and successfully.

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Channel & Client sales are simple and cost-effective with United Channels

About us

United Channels Consulting is your new business accelerator. We support IT and tech vendors expand their business to new territories, countries and markets, with a focus in the UK, EMEA and South America.

United Channels Consulting makes approaching a new market simple and cost-effective. You don't need to invest in a risky and expensive local structure of human resources, nor do you have to struggle with doing business in distant, foreign countries and cultures. Instead, United Channels Consulting acts on your behalf, competitively and effectively, using our 20+ experience of developing channels networks globally, ultimately delivering high performing results.

Why work with United Channels Consulting?

At United Channels you will find a professional methodology, attitude, commitment and a team with extensive multinational experience (including several roles in channels and sales, in different Multinational companies) with multi-languages profiles (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French).

United Channels Consulting has not only country and know-how expertise, but also extensive field experience, a unique network and great, long lasting relationships with key people to help you grow your channels. We provide you with an invaluable customer's contact list, C-level direct relationships (Finance, Telcos, Utilities, Government, Industry, Mid-Market), proven negotiation skills and a track record of outstanding results.

United Channels Consulting also provides you with a dedicated team to your project, and lots of cross selling opportunities among our 'eco systems' for your brand, so you can leverage, grow and expand your business.

In a nutshell

  • United Channels Consulting acts on your behalf in the market you want to expand to, r in a competitive and cost-effective way, delivering results.
  • We are the 'one stop shop' for generating business in the UK, EMEA and South America. 
  • We establish and push channels networks. 
  • We generate ‘brand awareness’ for your solutions and new customers.
  • We reduce time to market entry.
  • We generate Revenue

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Our Team

João Beato Esteves

Founder & CEO

João has played several C-Level roles in sales and channel development in important software security vendors across EMEA. After detecting an important 'gap' in most of the Vendors' strategy, he has decided to start United Channels to efficiently connect vendors, channels and new territories...

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Catarina Esteves

Associate Director – UK & EMEA

Catarina has over 4 years of experience in relationship management, partnerships and business development in the UK and a passion for Marketing.

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Syed Almas Azam

Associate Consultant - Middle East

Syed is experienced in design and implementation of digital transformation and IT security projects. Syed leads on business expansion for our vendors in the Middle East.

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Senior Independent Consultant, Turkey

Tarik is a heavily experienced channel veteran for Turkey with over 30 years experience working with IT companies varying from multinational to start ups.

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Carlos Gama

Senior Consultant South America

Carlos Gama is a true International business entrepreneur (starting at the age of 20) and served for consultant for many well-known companies in Europe and in South America.

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Justine Cross

Senior Consultant EMEA

Justine is a seasoned EMEA channel veteran with over 25 years experience working with start ups. Justine has held Director roles at ShoreTel, Zultys and in recent times Watchful Software.

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Fernando Solabre

Senior Consultant EMEA

With more than 20 years of professional experience, Fernando is a seasoned Senior Channel Manager specialised in the Iberian ICT market with a main focus on Software, Cloud services and Cyber Security solutions.

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Channels are everything. Developing and cultivating an healthy and sustainable channel network is crucial for your business and expanding to other countries. Read more to see why and let us know if you agree.

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Check out our top 5 tips to expand you business internationally and successfully

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United Channels Consulting has completed its third anniversary. Read below to know more about our journey so far.

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Web Summit is considered "The best technology conference on the planet". United Channels will be present on this outstanding event as an exhibitor and as a participant as well. Join us, and know in detail how United Channels Services could help your company. Lisbon, November 5 – 8, 2018

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