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Expansion Advisory & Market Discovery and Validation

For small businesses and start-ups, expanding globally can be overwhelming, so we're here to support you all the way. From identifying your unique selling points in foreign markets, developing your elevator pitch and first validating your product in new territories.

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Channel Recruitment and Development

We offer a quick and cost-effective way to recruit and expand your channel network in a territory, crucial to a successful business expansion.

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Vendor Representation

We act on behalf of your business and your company in your selected territories, helping you avoid the costs and challenges of having a full human resource and infrastructure dedicated to a new market.

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Business Expansion Consulting Suite

Our full suite, combining expansion advisory, channel recruitment and vendor representation in one, integrated and cost-effective consultancy service, to help your business grow and expand internationally smoothly and successfully.

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Our Mission

United Channels Consulting helps you grow your business and expand globally. We offer a cost-effective alternative to business expansion. As trusted advisors we connect you to relevant channel partners, accelerating your growth internationally.


Ozona Tech internationalises Overa Activity in partnership with United Channels Consulting

United Channel Consulting is delighted to partner with Overa Activity, a intelligent analytics for the workplace

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Developing your channel & generating client sales in new markets is simple and cost-effective with United Channels Consulting


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