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Channels Are Everything

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

November 2020

Channels are everything.

In today’s ‘unprecedented’ times, it has never been more important to have the right channel of partners on board.

Having a channel network of partners means having the ‘multiplier’ effect of entities and people who are not only an extension of our product/service commercial, marketing and technical support teams, but also someone that adds real value to our solution, incorporating their own value proposition into our offer.

A channel network also allows for a faster market entry in their local territory, thanks to the privileged and trusted role they play within relevant clients and stake-holders.

They help us achieve more with less. We can drastically improve our coverage geographically if we use the right channel partners, saving precious resources and scaling our product/service.

They can protect us from financial risk, filtering approaches and clients, through their own defence mechanisms and risk protection, safeguarding our business.

For all the reasons listed above and more, a channel network of partners can facilitate and accelerate our business immensely, thanks to their recommendations, actions and achievements, and become a crucial part of our success.

But they are not without their challenges, since it’s fundamental to choose the right partners. It’s key to motivate, help and train the channel, and ensure full transparency, understanding that they’re a part of the business and a part of the team.

Treating the channel network as ‘one of us’ and with total ethics are the basic conditions to ensure the trust, dedication and commitment needed to the success we expect in the market, working together.

Have you worked in and through channels before? Do you agree?


United Channels Consulting has over 25+ years of experience setting up, cultivating and achieving results through the successful management of sustainable channel network, so we’re uniquely placed to help you find the right channel partners in EMEA.

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