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“DAVOS IN THE DESERT" - Why Should You Expand Your Business in the Middle East

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

January 2021

Author: Syed Almas Azam

Every company, right from its inception, dreams of expanding one day, and going global.

One of the defining factors in every successful company’s DNA is having a year-on-year growth plan. And the responsibility of this, goes to its leader.

Business Expansion could be done in two ways:

  1. Scale Up

  2. Scale Out

Scale Up vs Scale Out: What’s the difference?

Scale Up – Adding more resources in parallel to spread out the workload

Scale Out – Expanding laterally across regions, to grow faster and bigger

Why do you need to scale out?

Higher demand – Compare any local business to a global brand - which one do you think has higher perceived value?

Brands that sell globally are perceived to be more trustworthy and So, customers are willing to pay a premium price.

Avoid being a jailbird – When competition is tough, businesses constrained to a specific region are forced to cut down on their revenues in order to grow.

Do not sacrifice revenue for growth and growth for revenue.

Why Middle East? It's "Davos in the Desert"

IDC reports, Consumer IT spending in META (Middle East, Turkey & Africa) will total $42.9 billion in 2021.

Middle Eastern countries are outspending every other part of the world.

Major Investment will be towards Digital Transformation (30%) and Cybersecurity (49%).

Fortunately, the “Digital” landscape today allows you to take substantial steps to grow your business and expand into new markets much easily.

Why now is the right time?

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, businesses have suffered enough and growth has been hampered. But 2021 has ushered us towards new beginnings.


Expo 2021 DUBAI will host the world for 173 days, each one brimming with new experiences. With millions of visitors and 190+ participating countries, Expo 2021 brings an opportunity to rekindle business connections, launch into new markets and open new revenue streams.

Leap! SAUDI ARABIA LEAP is an iconic Global Tech event to be held in KSA, attracting the world’s most innovative companies, most powerful VCs, and most exciting tech entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

QATAR’s Countdown to Kickoff – FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar is powering ahead with 2022 FIFA World Cup preparations & so is its business ecosystem, waiting to pivot.

Now that you know why, the more important question is how?

The classic ecosystem of Vendor – Distributor – Reseller, is just not enough.

United Channels Consulting allows vendors to explore new markets and develop their business, in a cost-effective way, connecting them to Distributors and Resellers, the best of both worlds.

Although digital is all about virtual presence, we strongly believe in physical proximity to fuel the creativity needed & drive innovation - which is why we have a multinational team based in six key locations, Dubai, Istanbul, London, Madrid and Lisbon (HQ).

Our Talent is equipped with both: knowledge on technology & understanding of territories where we are situated.

So if you are thinking of growing your business in 2021, design your business acceleration plan with United Channel Consulting today - book here a FREE 30-min consultation.

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