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3 Reasons Why International Business Expansion Should Be a Priority for Small Business

Updated: May 10, 2022

January 2022

Author: João Esteves, Founder & CEO

These past two years have been challenging for businesses worldwide, leading to uncertainty and often compromising opportunities for growth. And even though travelling has been difficult, there are no shortages of reasons to take your business internationally in 2022.

Here's why we believe expanding your business internationally should be a priority this year:

Diversification is crucial to the relevancy and growth of your business

If you're trading your product or solution domestically only, you'll eventually hit a growth ceiling. Especially if your home market is small.

In addition, diversifying your markets is crucial to the long-term success of your business, allowing you to create more revenue streams and spread the risk if you're not performing so well domestically.

This is even more important given the current circumstances and how this pandemic has hit economies worldwide - lockdowns affect countries in different ways and at different times so a diversified portfolio of leads and revenue streams is key to ensure you're safeguarding your business.

Expanding to a new market does not always require local offices and a new team

The belief that you need to invest in a local office and in an international team is one of the biggest misconceptions that stop many small businesses from taking their solution internationally.

Whilst it's true international expansion requires investment, it's also true that there are cost-effective alternatives out there - we're one of them!

United Channels Consulting helps small businesses like yourselves with innovative technology solutions, test, validate and expand to new markets. We have experienced sales consultants in local markets that act on your behalf and work as your international sales team, taking advantage of our extensive contact lists to broker relationships and generate a meaningful pipeline of international opportunities.

Our business expansion expertise and the services we provide, means that you can go ahead with the internationalisation of your solution in a controlled way - avoiding risky upfront investments and saving costs in headcount abroad.

You can read more about us here and what we offer here.

The world is global and digital transformation is an incredible enabler

Digital transformation and remote working-spaces across businesses worldwide further refute to this outdated notion that you need to have a local infrastructure in your target markets to be able to expand your solution successfully.

Virtual conference calls are now the norm and even though there is lot of value in face-to-face interactions, we also know that a lot meetings can be held remotely, bringing people together that live in opposite sides of the globe.

These new ways of working have opened the doors to internationalisation and new sales opportunities, as businesses abroad can now realistically consider vendors from all over the world to fulfil their needs, without them necessarily being physically present.


With all of this being said and done, there are really no excuses for you not to consider the international expansion of your small business in 2022.

If you're unsure as to where to start, we've written about what to take into consideration and the 7 steps to business expansion in previous blog posts here and here.

We would also be happy to discuss what the course of action could be during a free consultation call. Click here to book.

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